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Why Custom

Building the perfect wardrobe is no easy task, especially if you're striving for luxury but struggling with a limited budget. At some point, you'll be forced to choose between quantity and quality in your mens wear selections. As you make these important decisions, you'll want to think of the different aspects of quality bespoke clothing and how these impact the overall impression you make in your everyday life.

Why Custom-Made Clothing?

You can own clothing made from the finest materials and still look unprofessional if you fail to invest in items that actually fit. Depending on your unique build, finding a good fit may be difficult, particularly if you limit your purchases to items on the sales rack of your local department store. By incorporating Savile Row tailoring from SavileRowOnline.com into your wardrobe, you can ensure that every article of clothing fits perfectly. In fact, with the help of Savile Row custom made clothing, you'll find it easy to show off your best features while drawing attention away from flaws that would otherwise leave you feeling self conscious.


Do My Clothes Fit Right?

You'll never again need to worry about decent-fitting clothes, as Savile Row tailoring takes a variety of measurements into account. Suit coats should be loose enough to streamline the appearance of the midsection, but not so loose as to give a 'tent' impression. Length is also important, with the ideal pant leg ending in a half or quarter break. Finding the right fit is surprisingly easy when you call on the expertise displayed at SavileRowOnline.com.


Matching Clothes And Occasions

The ideal wardrobe will include clothing of a variety of formality levels, from fancy suits to business casual slacks and even weekend jeans. But when you own all of the above, you need to know which occasions call for which outfits. The Savile Row bespoke clothing at SavileRowOnline.com spans the full spectrum, so finding the right items should not be a problem. You'll just need to resist the temptation to under or overdress for any given setting.


Matching Upper And Lower Apparel

The most fashionable dress shirt can look terrible when paired with the wrong trousers. Ideally, you will mix SavileRowOnline.com items of a similar level of formality. For suits, use coats and trousers of the same wool count to ensure a uniform look from top to bottom. Savile Row custom made clothing eliminates the complexity from matching your apparel, making your morning wardrobe selection a cinch.


Choosing The Right Colors

As important as matching formality and materials may be, a failure to appropriately match colors remains the biggest wardrobe mistake possible. When in doubt, stick with muted grays or black for suits, perhaps adding a colorful dress shirt for an extra pop. All are available in the extensive mens wear collection at SavileRowOnline.com.


Quality vs Quantity

As you're shopping for your professional wardrobe, you'll want to keep an eye out for the highest-quality fabric possible. Not only does good fabric garner a better impression in a professional setting, it also lasts far longer than flimsier fare, ensuring that your apparel investment lasts a long, long time. For work shirts, look for 100 percent two-fold cottons or, in more casual work environments, cashmere blend sweaters. The ideal suit will be constructed from high-twist wools, preferably listed in the 100s or 110s. Quality is absolutely key, but budget accordingly to allow for some diversity in your wardrobe.


Considering Clothing Details

A number of extra details accompany high-quality clothing items beyond the usual material, color and fit considerations. Special buttons and cuff links add interest to otherwise dull outfits, while accessories such as ties and belts can ensure a look that is crisp and put together. 

Ideally, your final wardrobe will expertly walk that fine line between quantity and quality, featuring enough items that you aren't forced to dress in exactly the same outfit each day, but also apparel of a sufficient quality to fit in a professional setting. Savile Row custom made clothing helps you achieve both ideals, with the selection at SavileRowOnline.com offering quality clothing at a price you can actually afford.

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