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How It Works

How it works

FAST - Select Shirt / Pant / Suit           SIMPLE - Customize and Place order           FUN - Measure Your Self (One time only)

Savile Row Online has made the overall shopping experience “Fast, Simple and Fun”  so you can own the finest Bespoke Clothing that you ever had.


  1. Go to our website SavileRowOnline.com 
  2. Click the Product Category - Shirt - Pants - Suits 
  3. Select Clothing from Savile Rows exclusive range of clothing and three collections Silver Collection, Gold Collection and Platinum Collection 
  4. You also can filter your selection from our dynamic filters of colors , type occasion


  1. Customize your Clothing, depending your product there are 8-18 different permutations and combinations you can select to customize your style clothing like Collar, Cuffs, Placket, Contrast etc. 
  2. For you to have the best experience in the customization of your clothing we have designed the most advanced technology to give you a detailed outlook in a sophisticated environment. Look for the dots of progress on the right side of the screen which will inform you where you are in the customization process.
  3. We have also developed a guide for every selection you make with suggestions from our Stylist. A short message of suggestion will appear on the guide box to help you according to the occasion importance, design importance, latest trends, etc. from that selection. You can always fix your time to talk or chat with our in house Stylist if you have any further questions. 
  4. Once you finish your short and fun experience for customization you can place the order in one step. If you are new customer to SavileRowOnline.com then you can select to give your measurements by using our SmartFit Fun measurements of your body.


  1. Savile Row has years of experience in bespoke tailoring, measuring is the key to have best the fitting of your garment. Savile Row presents Smart Fit Technique to help you measure yourself accurately without much effort.
  2. Smart Fit will ask you a few questions about your body; we are sure that you know them: like your height, weight and age. 
  3. Smart Fit will ask you what type of body shape matches you the most.
  4. Smart Fit will ask you  what body posture you have


Smart FIT will populate automatically your all measurements for clothing like your neck size, your Chest size, Shoulder size etc. Now you just have to glance over them and if there is some measuremnt you need to change you can change and It is all Done. Savile Row give you 100% fitting warranty. FUN, SIMPLE and FAST


SavileRowOnline.com accepts Visa, Master, American Express, Dicover, JCB and Diners Club Card

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